Results from our survey on Shawlands Arcade redevelopment

We ran our survey (read that HERE ) from June till November 2022 and had 737 responses. The survey was posted out to 6516 addresses in the G41 3 postcode area. In addition it was sent out via social media to over 6300 people.The aim was to gauge what local views are on the current plans (see HERE) for the redevelopment of Shawlands Arcade, in order to accurately reflect these views in our dealings with the Council and the developers. We also used these views to inform our representation to the Phase One Planning application and the Planning In Principle applications dated  Thu 08 Sep 2022  . You can read our representation HERE and view the applications on the Glasgow City Council Planning Portal ; search with the no.s 22/02278/FUL and 22/02280/PPP

Here are the overall responses to each question:

1. Based on the key concerns that have already been raised with us about this development, please put the following in order of importance with 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important for you

21.10% of respondents thought that ‘The existing shops /organisations in the arcade should be able to stay’ was the most important concern while ‘The design should be in harmony with the surrounding buildings ‘ came second with 20.84%

We also allowed respondents to add further comments to the survey beyond the questions asked;29 of the 737 respondents made specific mention of concerns over tenure/need for social housing to be included.

2. To what extent do you agree with the following statement:

‘In order to tackle the potential exacerbation of the parking problem in Shawlands by the development, there should be permit parking in this area”

The results showed 22.66% Strongly Agreed, 23.63% Somewhat Agreed, 14.97% were Neutral, 12.23% Somewhat Disagreed and 26.51% Strongly Disagreed. This equates to 46.09% either somewhat or strongly agreeing with permit parking, and 38.74% either somewhat or strongly disagreeing with permit parking.

We also allowed respondents to add further comments to the survey beyond the questions asked, with132 of the 737 respondents who made specific mention of parking concerns, the highest of any topic.

3. In what ways should the development benefit the area and residents; please putthe following in order of priority for you with 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important for you

21.50% of respondents thought that ‘The development should help to support the Business Improvement aims for Shawlands’ was the highest priority  while ‘The development should help to tackle the climate and ecological crises by being climate resilient and enhancing biodiversity in the area’  came second with 21.41%

4. What would you like to see in the Public Realm areas of the development. Please tick all you would consider desirable

Here are the responses in order of popularity (% of total respondents in brackets) :

Planting/trees 648 (87.9%)

Seating           608 (82.5%)

Public Toilet    359 (48.7%)

Art/Sculptures 328 (44.5%)

Playpark          261 (35.4%)

Performance   220 (29.9%)



Notice Boards 181 (24.6%)

You can also read further suggestions for the public realm HERE

5. Any other comments

We grouped these according to comment type ( see that HERE) with the following groups being considerably ahead of the others in numbers of comments:

Parking 132

Buildings too high 36

Social/affordable/disabled housing needed 29

You can read all the comments in full HERE

We continue to welcome comments submitted to us by email – our address is

Shawlands Arcade Planning Application


Clydebuilt have now submitted their Permission for Planning in Principle and the Application for Phase 1 of the plan to Glasgow City Council. You can view and comment on these on the Glasgow City Council website at Online Planning –…/… with the following details :

Application no.s : 22/02278/FUL, 22/02280/PPP

*Deadline for representations: 17/10/22

We encourage you to comment on both the applications. The PPP one is ‘Planning Permission in Principle’ and is a masterplan for the whole development (not just Phase 1).

We have a ‘Guide to making a planning comment’ – see that here…/1lYWmQW8EiIrXlkoMTLuJ…/edit…

We are seeking your opinion on the applications so we can accurately represent the views of the community in our own submission to the Council. Please take part in our survey or email us at

The developer (Clydebuilt) are also displaying their plan in the arcade and on their website at

You can find and return copies of our survey at Sainsbury’s in the arcade, Stephen O’Neil (1030 Pollokshaws Rd), the Co-op (1060 Pollokshaws Rd) , Betty Beans (168 Kilmarnock Rd), Pollokshaws Library (60 Shawbridge St, Glasgow G43 1RW) or Langside Library (2 Sinclair Dr, Glasgow G42 9QE)

You can also fill in the survey online at

Community Council Survey about Shawlands Arcade Development

Our survey is now closed. Thank you to all who completed it. We will shortly publish the results.

We are seeking your opinion on the proposals for the redevelopment of Shawlands Arcade so we can accurately represent the views of the community when we respond to the planning application. 

You complete our online survey at to let us know what you think of the plans.

The developer (Clydebuilt) are displaying their plan in the arcade and on their website at . We are grateful to receive views right up till the deadline for comments on the Planning Application which is not live yet but is expected to be at some point this summer. 

Next round of public consultation for the Shawlands Arcade Development

Consultation Event

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions the Scottish Government has confirmed as a temporary measure that such events will be replaced by an on-line version. However the applicant is proposing an in-person event within the Shawlands Arcade, which will be carried out on a COVID friendly basis, as well as undertaking an on-line event the following day.


To support the second PAN event Clydebuilt LP will create an online consultation model following the Scottish Government and local planning guidelines for public consultation during the coronavirus pandemic. The model will follow a public exhibition format by combining simple and straightforward access to well-laid out public information with interactive consultation techniques – geared to both answering specific questions and addressing key clarification points as well as the submission of formal feedback surveys

The project consultation website will provide updated consultation information from 10 May 2022 . In advance of this date, the website will also publicise the second in- person and virtual live events.

On 10 May 2022, an in-person drop in event will be held within the former Farmfoods Unit within the Shawlands Arcade between the hours of 3pm and 8pm. Due to COVID, we will ask attendees to book a time to attend, This will enable safe social distancing. Display boards of the proposals will be present and members of the design team will be available to answer any questions or queries. Thereafter the boards will be moved into the Arcade and displayed for 21 days.

The second online public event will commence on 11 May 2022. This will be via the project website and a live ‘chat’ link will be available between the hours of 3pm to 8pm for anyone to seek answers to questions or queries from the design team.

The consultation model consists of the following elements:

1. Direct Consultation Groups

Clydebuilt will engage with the local and surrounding Community Councils as part of the consultation exercise and will offer the ability for a ‘virtual’ meeting with representatives of the Community Council

2. Website : http://www.shawlandsarcade.compage2image5429056

The website will explain and introduce the context of the PAN. A PDF (or similar) exhibition banner will present current development plans following a similar layout to that of a public exhibition. There will be clear instructions on both interactive ‘live’ consultation and the completion and return of feedback questionnaires. The website will be updated from the 10 May 2022 and will remain available to view, and be regularly updated, as the project progresses through the pre application consultation to application submission. From 10 May 2022 to 31 May 2022 , members of the public will be able to contact the project team via the project website with any follow up questions and to submit comments directly to the project team.

3. On-Line ‘Interactive’ Consultation

On 11 May 2022 between 3pm to 8pm, the website will host a live interactive ‘chat’ link which will remain active for the ‘event-day’ period. This will allow viewers to email questions/clarification points to the design team during that time period, after they have viewed the exhibition banner. The design team will respond to all comments within a seven- day period.

4. In-Person Consultation Event

A public exhibition of the proposals will be undertaken at the Shawlands Arcade between the hours of 3pm and 8pm on 10 May 2022 where members of the design team will be available to answer questions on the proposal. After that time the exhibition will remain in place for the public to view until the 31 May 2022.

5. Feedback Questionnaire

An online feedback form/questionnaire will be included as part of the website. Responders will have a 21 day period to complete and return the feedback form/questionnaire online. There will also be the opportunity for viewers to request hard copy information/questionnaires to be issued (and returned) by post for those who don’t have access to the relevant technology.

6. Publicity

The second event will be advertised in the Evening Times at least 7 days before the event date start of 10 May 2022.

In addition, flyers advertising the consultation will be distributed to circa 4,000 local homes and premises as well as posters being displayed within the arcade and nearby.

Shawlands Arcade Development

You can also view the plans for the redevelopment of Shawlands Arcade on the project website There’s currently no official active consultation but you can also see information from the previous consultation on the same site. You can contact the developers with questions, or register for updates on the proposals by emailing or calling 0800 987 5990

If there is further public consultation or a planning application is lodged, further details will be published here. The Community Council welcomes your views on the development at any time by email or by commenting on this post.