New application for ORO extension

The planning application for the site behind Oro, 85 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow G41 3YR, comprising a new building with 3 businesses and a courtyard, with access from Pollokshaws Road via a demolished unit, has now been dropped.

There is a new scaled-back planning application, for a revised rear extension to Oro over two floors, with a terrace/balcony area. The remainder of the area would include a further terrace area, a ‘Restaurant Sustainability Garden’, and a further area to be a ‘Community Sustainability Garden’.

You can look at the application on the Glasgow City Council Planning portal…/… using the following no. – 22/02250/FUL

Some extracts of the plans are below. The last date for comments is Monday 13th February. We will discuss the application at our next meeting on Thursday 2nd February.

We are seeking views from the community on the new plans – please email us at

Next round of public consultation for the Shawlands Arcade Development

Consultation Event

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions the Scottish Government has confirmed as a temporary measure that such events will be replaced by an on-line version. However the applicant is proposing an in-person event within the Shawlands Arcade, which will be carried out on a COVID friendly basis, as well as undertaking an on-line event the following day.


To support the second PAN event Clydebuilt LP will create an online consultation model following the Scottish Government and local planning guidelines for public consultation during the coronavirus pandemic. The model will follow a public exhibition format by combining simple and straightforward access to well-laid out public information with interactive consultation techniques – geared to both answering specific questions and addressing key clarification points as well as the submission of formal feedback surveys

The project consultation website will provide updated consultation information from 10 May 2022 . In advance of this date, the website will also publicise the second in- person and virtual live events.

On 10 May 2022, an in-person drop in event will be held within the former Farmfoods Unit within the Shawlands Arcade between the hours of 3pm and 8pm. Due to COVID, we will ask attendees to book a time to attend, This will enable safe social distancing. Display boards of the proposals will be present and members of the design team will be available to answer any questions or queries. Thereafter the boards will be moved into the Arcade and displayed for 21 days.

The second online public event will commence on 11 May 2022. This will be via the project website and a live ‘chat’ link will be available between the hours of 3pm to 8pm for anyone to seek answers to questions or queries from the design team.

The consultation model consists of the following elements:

1. Direct Consultation Groups

Clydebuilt will engage with the local and surrounding Community Councils as part of the consultation exercise and will offer the ability for a ‘virtual’ meeting with representatives of the Community Council

2. Website : http://www.shawlandsarcade.compage2image5429056

The website will explain and introduce the context of the PAN. A PDF (or similar) exhibition banner will present current development plans following a similar layout to that of a public exhibition. There will be clear instructions on both interactive ‘live’ consultation and the completion and return of feedback questionnaires. The website will be updated from the 10 May 2022 and will remain available to view, and be regularly updated, as the project progresses through the pre application consultation to application submission. From 10 May 2022 to 31 May 2022 , members of the public will be able to contact the project team via the project website with any follow up questions and to submit comments directly to the project team.

3. On-Line ‘Interactive’ Consultation

On 11 May 2022 between 3pm to 8pm, the website will host a live interactive ‘chat’ link which will remain active for the ‘event-day’ period. This will allow viewers to email questions/clarification points to the design team during that time period, after they have viewed the exhibition banner. The design team will respond to all comments within a seven- day period.

4. In-Person Consultation Event

A public exhibition of the proposals will be undertaken at the Shawlands Arcade between the hours of 3pm and 8pm on 10 May 2022 where members of the design team will be available to answer questions on the proposal. After that time the exhibition will remain in place for the public to view until the 31 May 2022.

5. Feedback Questionnaire

An online feedback form/questionnaire will be included as part of the website. Responders will have a 21 day period to complete and return the feedback form/questionnaire online. There will also be the opportunity for viewers to request hard copy information/questionnaires to be issued (and returned) by post for those who don’t have access to the relevant technology.

6. Publicity

The second event will be advertised in the Evening Times at least 7 days before the event date start of 10 May 2022.

In addition, flyers advertising the consultation will be distributed to circa 4,000 local homes and premises as well as posters being displayed within the arcade and nearby.